Why are we running this event?
What are we trying to achieve?

Outline objectives

Create clear qualitative and quantitative objectives.

Develop KPI's

We will help you create clear goals and objectives for the event which we will measure and report on throughout the engagement lifecycle.

Develop an impactful event marketing strategy

We will help you create an impactful event marketing strategy which will help you drive the greatest ROI possible.


What problem are we solving for attendees?
How does our event differ from others out there?

Build event brand guidelines

Working from existing brand guidelines or creating bespoke event guidelines to work.

Content development and consultancy

You will work with our experienced team of strategists, copywriters, marketers and creatives to produce compelling content for your event.

Marketing and promotional plans and support

Looking at the overall message of the event but also focusing on the detail such as attendee experience and production capability.

Agenda planning

Our dedicated team will work collaboratively with you to craft an agenda which will resonate with attendees.


Who is going to plan and produce my virtual experience?
What does my virtual event team look like?


  • Account Director
  • Virtual Event Manager or Producer
  • Technical Director
  • Production Manager
  • Technical Support
  • Event Technologist
  • Attendee Support


  • Communications/Marketing Manager
  • Design Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Sponsorship & Ticket Sales

Key support

  • Virtual Speaker Coach
  • Creative Director
  • Event Marketing Strategist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Host or Emcee
  • Moderator
  • Translator/Interpreter
  • Entertainment


What’s the right delivery mechanism for my audience and my event?
Avoid platforms we use all the time such as Zoom and Teams – we’re fatigued from staring at these platforms all day.
Make your event an experience!

Platform recommendation and selection

We have partnerships with all of the world’s leading virtual event platforms and have also built our own virtual platforms in the past. We will digest your brief and make the perfect recommendation for your event!

Platform supplier briefing and management

Liaising with the technical team, to optimise and troubleshoot technology, in line with the event goals and the critical path.

Registration or integration with existing registration

Setting up platform registration or ensuring seamless integration with existing registration platform.

Gamification integration

We will make strategic recommendations relating to how you can incorporate gamification to make your event more immersive and engaging.

Integration with CRM

Ensuring the platform integrates seamlessly with your CRM system.

Platform build management

Working on the back end build of the platform to ensure a look and feel in line with brand guidelines.

Content upload

Once all assets are signed off they are uploaded to the platform in line with the run of show.


Ensuring there is always someone available to assist with platform queries.

Show day help desk

We will provide a team to run a live help desk at your virtual event on the day to answer any questions.


How are we going to engage attendees pre-event and cut through static?

Atmosphere building, pre-event engagement

Consult and assist on building the atmosphere, interest and ensuring pre event engagement excites attendees

Creating HTML emails ​

Designing emails to fit event brand guidelines and generate interest

Creating invitations

Designing invitations for attendees that build atmosphere

Creating branded joining instructions for attendees

Detailed instructions for all attendees in event branding to help them pre event and on the day

Pre-event registration management

Creating a ticketing strategy including recommendations for access per ticket type and promotional strategy

Pre-event videos

Storyboarding and designing pre-event videos to promote the event

Pre-event social posts to be shared ​

Planning, designing and scheduling pre event social posts to generate interest


How can we ensure the show runs as seamlessly as possible?
Think of your event as a production – rehearsals and practice are key!


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Event day

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Post-event engagement

How can we ensure there’s a continuation of the narrative after the event?
How will we measure success?

On demand content management

We will edit your content and make it available on demand to drive coverage and engagement

Post-event editing

Editing footage from the event for future marketing or on demand use

Post-event videos

Such as highlights or recap videos

Post-event photos

Photos of an event in progress are just as important with virtual events

Post-event surveys

Feedback from attendees, sponsors and speakers to help shape future events

Building ongoing event community

Creating ways for attendees to continue to interact post-event

Post-event social posts to be shared

To keep the community and story going past the event and generate interest in future events

Full team debrief

To share challenges, solutions and ideas for improvement for the next event