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Our award-winning creative team have the skills, experience and passion to transform your brand into a live, immersive catalogue of incredible content.

We offer a variety of studio spaces, for filming, rehearsals, live streaming, podcast recording, design, set construction and more.

Every studio we work with is fully-equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment, ultra high-speed internet, green-screen, LED walls and state-of-the-art green room and backstage facilities for your VIP guests.

Our studio partners are located across the globe, and we have access to some of the most prestigious and industry-leading spaces in London, New York, San Francisco and Melbourne.


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Are you an awesome producer, account director, designer, production manager, project coordinator or any kind of events professional? Are you looking for a role with flexibility, growth opportunities, and the chance to put on some of the most exciting events happening around the globe? Take a look at our careers page!

And for all you stage managers, show callers, graphics operators, video editors, animators, and general all-round incredible freelancers – we want you too! Get in touch here to see if we could be a match.

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reaching a global audience

It’s not always possible, or even preferable, to bring everyone you want to engage with into the same room anymore. We can help you choose the right approach for your audience, whether that’s a virtual event with fully remote speakers, a studio based streamed offering, or a hybrid experience with the best of both world.

Why not explore our toolkits to get an idea of what’s right for you.

Virtual Event Toolkit Hybrid Event Toolkit