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Unlock your event’s potential with our strategic workshops.

Workshops are a unique and time-efficient opportunity to explore all the elements that form your event’s purpose, strategy and delivery plan. Every workshop is built entirely bespoke with your organisation and your goals in mind and shaped by our vast experience with brands like Google, LinkedIn and Hubspot, and our understanding of current trends, best practice and the wider events industry.

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We believe the key to success
is collaboration.


By providing a structured but open forum for discussion, we aim to create an environment that encourages sharing feedback, idea generation, and creative problem-solving. It also gives our team and your team a chance to get to know each other, so you understand our role in the process and so we can learn how best to support you moving forward.

emc3 Workshops
emc3 Workshops

Our workshops cover a range of topics, including:

– Defining Your Mission & Vision
– Key Messages & Event Theme
– Goals, Metrics & Measurement
– Event Tactics & Delivery Strategy
– Content & Design (Concept & Development)
– Stakeholders, Roles & Responsibilities
– Future Events & Long Term Strategy
– Sustainability