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what we’re looking for

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People make a place—and it’s our team that makes us great.
As a collective of producers, storytellers, marketers, designers and strategists, we have one thing in common: we are creative, curious and know how to stay calm when managing projects with multiple moving parts.

To keep us heading in the right direction, we like to hire curiously creative people with fresh ideas who aren’t afraid to speak up and challenge the status quo when something isn’t working.

Because of this, we hire based on character, not career history.
After all, skills can be taught and transferred. But character?
That can make or break a team.

so here’s what we’re looking for

People who:

  • are fearlessly imaginative
  • As people, we never stop learning; we evolve through experience. This is why we share our strengths and failures, highlighting the lessons learnt along the road and the imaginative new ways forward we create. We look for people who are willing to get involved and help us get to where we want to be, who aren’t afraid to take risks and go for something if they spot a great opportunity.

  • keep it real
  • We communicate clearly and transparently, sharing our ideas, experiences and expertise. We are open and honest and don’t operate with ulterior motives or hidden agendas. We look for resilience in the face of occasional setbacks, and those who like to leave things better than they found them.

  • are dependable forces
  • We recognise strengths, nurture potential and know that people are our greatest asset. Which is why we respect, value and look after them: keeping diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do. We look for people who are great at building relationships across the business and those who can take responsibility for their development, whether personal or professional—never afraid to speak up and tell people what they need.

  • work until it shines
  • We work to make the complicated simple, we love the little extras and never stop learning or surprising—making the most of every opportunity to add value and achieve more. We take pride in all that we do, and always spend time getting to know the details involved in our projects. We look for people who are experts, but if they’re not, aren’t afraid to speak up and discuss with those that are.

Tick all of those boxes?
Read on to find out what you’ll get in return!

Inside emc3

what you can expect from us

Design careers at EMC3

If you’ve made it this far, we’re going to go ahead and assume you want to work for us. Great choice! We’re pretty big fans of working here too. Here’s why:

  • the standard stuff
  • A salary, a pension, 22 days of annual leave plus public holidays and a bonus company-wide day off in summer.

  • transparent salary banding
  • Salaries are decided based upon a person’s role, responsibilities and skill set within the business. We believe in staff having autonomy over their roles and making them into what they need to get the job done, and as such, there’s no “one salary fits all”. But whilst we don’t have a set salary for each role, we do offer transparency with our salary brackets, which you’ll find on all job descriptions.

  • flexible hours
  • We have standard hours of 10 am – 6 pm but due to the nature of the events industry, we offer a flexible approach to this. If you want to work different hours? You can. Need to pop out for an appointment? You can. You just need to let your manager know!

  • hybrid working
  • We work remotely and have one day a week where we meet in our (dog-friendly!) Soho Works office so we can connect and catch up. When you’re not in the office, you can work from wherever: your home, your garden, abroad — and we’ll set you up with the equipment to do so, including an Apple MacBook, mouse, laptop stand and second screen.

  • mental health support
  • In addition to unlimited paid time off for mental health, we provide free access to therapy, counselling and mental health resources for all of our employees.

  • opportunities to travel
  • With events happening in incredible locations across the globe, there are plenty of opportunities to travel. Amazing locations the team have visited include New York, Miami, San Francisco, Mexico City, São Paulo, Singapore, Dubai, Ibiza, Barcelona, Paris, Hvar and many more!

  • paid volunteering days
  • We believe everybody should do their bit, and so offer one paid day off a year so that you can help out in your local community.

  • company culture and career progression
  • A great company culture provides more than just lip service—and we make sure we’re always doing that by regularly investing in it. Not just offering you a job and a warm welcome, but creating opportunities for you to build a fulfilling career. We do this by investing in your development, whether personal or professional, with dedicated learning and development budget is allocated to each person so that they can learn and grow in their role.

    • Team socials which include brunches, lunches and drinks.
    • Christmas and Summer parties you’ll actually want to attend, with overnight stays at venues such as the Wilderness Reserve, Four Seasons and Artists Residence.
    • Accessible leadership and regular anonymous feedback surveys, so that you always have the opportunity to have your say on what matters most to you!
    • The ability to level: up, down or sideways! Whether you’re looking to progress further in your role or change departments, where possible, we’ll always support you with the transition.
  • sustainability
  • We care about the impact events and our business have on the environment and have a sustainability team to ensure we follow best practices to make our events as environmentally friendly as possible.

what we have available

We’ve got jobs. You’ve got a CV. Wanna swap?

We’re always looking for new faces, even when we’re not, so below you’ll find a full list of the roles we use within our company and whether we’re currently hiring for that role. There are jobs of all shapes and sizes, so hopefully, there’s something there that takes your fancy!

placement students — we want you too!

There are numerous members of our team that have joined us during their placement year… and loved it so much that they’re still with us—just ask our Managing Director, Steph Utting, our People, Culture and Ops Specialist, Aisha Rigley, our Head of Sustainability, Saskya Liney or our VP of Growth, Josh King.

We’re always looking for fresh faces to join the team, so if you have a placement year coming up, get in touch!

top tips for your interview

  • know who we are
  • If you’re applying for a job with us, it’s always great to know who we are and what we do. We’re a pretty transparent bunch, and we like to talk, so you’ll find a great deal of information across our website, our company blog, and our social media channels. Take a look, get a feel for us, and let us know what it is about us that caught your attention as a company to work for!

  • know who and where you’re meeting
  • Our meetings take place over Zoom or in-person. We’re based in Soho Works in White City, and in order to meet us you’ll need to go to reception—so remember the name of the person you’re meeting! We have a lot of lovely people working for us, so you’ll need to know who to ask for!

  • wear what you feel comfortable in
  • We draw the line at dressing gowns and pyjamas, but outside of this our dress code is fairly relaxed, so it’s up to you what you’d like to wear in your interview. If you want to dress smart, come smart! Or if you prefer something less formal, that’s fine too. Most of our team dress casually, so it’s completely up to you.

  • relax—don’t ramble!
  • We’re not testing you, we just want to get to know you, so ask us questions (this recruitment process works both ways!) and if for any questions we ask you, clear, concise answers always work best.

  • breathe!
  • Interviews can be scary, but we aren’t. We just want to get to know you, so be yourself, show us the best version of it, and don’t stress about it too much.