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brand identity
the way we see it

Our brand is a simple and powerful statement that guides everything we do. Including how we look, think and talk to the world.

We have a few guidelines for using our brand resources. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with them.

emc3 Inside CSR


The beauty of working together is that everybody has their own ideas and perspectives. However, if we want to build something amazing together, we need two things: consistency, and a solid foundation.


The purpose of brand identity is to give you a solid foundation for your work, but it won’t solve every design question you encounter. So stay creative and don’t be afraid to think out of the box!

who are we?

We’re emc3.
Spelt as one word, with a little e and pronounced: e-m-c-3.

We’re a full-service agency of creative marketers and storytellers who help our partners develop narratives and campaigns that inspire, motivate and move—all through the power of events.

Our name is an acronym, standing for “every moment counts”. A statement which has become our guiding philosophy. And the 3? Those are the 3 elements which power our events: strategy, content and creative.

emc3 team

the way we

As global storytelling event strategists, copy is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it’s for marketing, internal communications, or conversations, the written word is one of our strongest methods of communication—and therefore, it must be consistent.

Our tone is a combination of many things, but above all, it’s informal and natural. We have a sense of humour, and a “get shit done” attitude, but we don’t go out of our way to express this, because y’know, forced humour is the worst. But there’s one thing we do enforce, and that’s clarity. You see, we work in an industry that’s laden with jargon, but we want to ensure that our message is easy to understand—regardless of if you’re a CEO or Company Contributor.


We communicate on a personal level, with a human-first approach, always.


We talk to people, not at them. Bringing them in on the journey.


We hate jargon. Which is why our language is clear, effortless and natural.

brand assets

EMC3 logo


We always pair our name with our symbolic ‘3’ icon and only ever use solid colour combinations. When placing our logo on coloured backgrounds, you should avoid using combinations where the colours are too similar and instead opt for high contrast, only using our approved colours.

emc3 brand resources colour palette
#3fff00 Copy to clipboard
#ff6d48 Copy to clipboard
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#fafafc Copy to clipboard


The colours listed are the only colours to be applied to our branding. We use five colours and utilise a primary nuanced colour as the foundation to any visual, which can be accompanied by a complementary and accent colour. Our primary colour is used in large zones associated with the brand and the secondary nuance colour is used to balance the primary nuance in any visual.


We are extremely serious about pushing our typographic experience to the next level.

When we dug through the online world for the perfect typeface for our headings we wanted a typeface, which captured attention whilst emphasising credibility, confidence and trust, reflecting our deep underlying values.

For our body text, we wanted something that flowed effortlessly. A typeface that was easy on the eye and almost impossible to stop reading… Almost.


Montserrat Black


Montserrat Bold

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Lato Light

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Lato Light

Graphics elements

Our graphics are a tapestry of interconnected elements and when used for animation should feel like a chain reaction, emphasising the idea of connection and collaboration.

How to use:

  • Transitions
  • Background element.
  • Interactive background
  • Web animation
emc3 Graphic Assets