Client  ManyChat
Event  Conversations 2020
Who  5,000+ chat marketers from 109 different countries across 3 days
Where  Virtual platform – Bevy
Date  6 – 8 October 2020


To deliver a virtual event that is as engaging and exciting as the real thing, to a community of chat marketers that were looking to learn and engage with fellow peers. Our partner wanted the event to focus on delivering top quality content that would attract their community and customers, whilst minimising the loss any of the production value from previous live shows.


  • Attract chat marketers and marketing agencies from around the globe
  • Create opportunities for attendees to engage with each other and the content
  • Craft exciting and engaging content with high production value which excites the attendees
  • Have entertainment that appeals to the masses and allows attendees to be part of the conversation
  • Increase social media presence and interactions during the 3 day event


The event

Conversations 2020 featured over 25 incredible speakers including, Stan Chudnovsky (VP of Messenger, Facebook), Daymond John (Founder & CEO of FUBU, Star of ABC’s Shark Tank and CEO of The Shark Group) and Molly Pittman (CEO, Smart Marketer) to name a few! We were challenged by the ManyChat team to use their chosen platform, Bevy. Within the platform we utilised the chat functionality to communicate with attendees and also let them interact with the live content, we used breakouts to create birds of a feather sessions where attendees could discuss their chosen topics, and the mainstage to stream the keynote live sessions, all on a fully branded site. We also had a live DJ at the end of each day with Zoom party breakouts for guests to get involved in!

What we did differently from a normal live event?

We focused a lot of effort into curating the event platform to ensure that attendees had the best experience possible. Whether that was increasing the usability, integrating the chat function, or creating the help desks, we wanted to ensure that the user experience was at the heart of the event. We also spent a lot of time briefing speakers on how to record their sessions (if they were pre-recorded) and also working with the live speakers on how to navigate the platform and complete a general tech check. Each day of the event started with a bespoke Yoga and meditation session to brighten the attendees day and get them ready for the event. The experience also included a live DJ with themed Zoom dance breakouts, which the attendees loved getting involved with.

What we did that was the same?

We still had the same level of commitment as we would for a live event as we always want to produce the best possible experience for not only the attendees, but also for our partner. We put together a production team that filmed, edited, and delivered the content to the highest of quality so that the users felt that they were close to a real-life experience. We also made sure that the platform reflected the client’s brand by integrating their design assets fluidly from their registration page all the way through to their live event site. Finally, we added entertainment to the end of each day so that attendees could celebrate together, albeit from the comfort of their home!

Some key stats

  • 5,000+ attendees
  • 109 countries
  • Over 25 speakers
  • More than 200,000 people reached on social media over 3 days
  • Over 12,000 posts in the event chat
  • 1 awesome 80s disco night