How To Ensure Your Suppliers, Attendees And Clients Engage With Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability starts by shifting your business’ mindset, followed by putting those thoughts into action. Once in motion, you can show off your solutions at your next event. Job done, right? Well, not quite… 

Encouraging others to get on board with your efforts gives you the vital cohesion you need to maintain and develop your green ambitions. Keep reading to learn how to engage your suppliers, attendees and clients with more sustainable solutions.


If your sustainable strategies and goals only function within your organisation, you’re missing the bigger picture – a considerable portion of which is your supply chain. 

Getting everyone on the same page from top to bottom is the goal here. But throw in a lack of transparency and no direct influence on supplier decisions, and you’ve got quite a task on your hands. That’s why we recommend following these best practices for sustainable supplier engagement, which cover the importance of smart pre-selection, benefit sharing and long-term relationships.



So, things are falling into place for your next event, but you’re concerned about balancing your sustainability goals with a quality attendee experience. Sound familiar?

The two can actually go hand in hand – and then some. Today’s attendees expect to see efforts made towards lowering carbon footprints. Therefore, offering sustainable solutions like these can actually lead to more satisfied attendees:

  • Cut emissions & waste – go digital
  • Choose qualified sustainable vendors and venues
  • Provide alternative, more sustainable transport options

Think less printed hand-outs and more locally sourced and plant based food, and encouraged ride shares.


Over the years, events have developed a bad rap for not being environmentally friendly. For some organisers, a carbon-conscious mindset and an eagerness to reduce the stigma is enough to motivate the use of sustainable solutions. For those less convinced, there’s so much more to be gained by going green

Let’s take a snapshot of some of the business benefits to pass on to your clients:

  • Save money – Initial investments in energy conservation, waste reduction and local purchasing can trigger short- and long-term savings
  • Improve reputation – Showing off your sustainable event solutions can turn the heads of the media, conscious consumers and the general public
  • Become a leader – Set the bar in your industry by promoting sustainable solutions that others find value in and can use for their own benefit

Key takeaways: Engaging all parties around sustainability 

If you’re in the midst of a sustainability overhaul, make sure you engage as many of the people that do business with you. Remember to:

  • Forge better relationships with suppliers, and don’t be afraid to educate them on best practises
  • Trust your attendees’ willingness to get involved
  • Reap all the rewards from going green

At emc3, we prioritise engagement at every turn of our sustainability programme. Whether it’s waste reduction, informed destination sourcing or any of our green initiatives, we’d love to chat about creating sustainable events together. Reach out today.