Every Movement Counts.

We are here to create events, but we are also here to try and do so in a way that doesn’t damage the world we live in.

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While many of our clients might have some sustainability objectives for events – waste conservation, carbon emissions, food waste reduction, plastic reduction – they might not have the specific knowledge of how and where to execute these differences.

In response to this, in 2021 we have been working towards becoming a “carbon neutral” company.

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Carbon Tracking

Event carbon tracking

We can work with you to track the carbon emissions from your operations and events.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Attendee Travel
  • Integrate into registration page
  • Trucking & Freight Emissions
  • Crew Travel
  • F&B Impact
  • Power Consumption
  • Venue Emissions
  • AV & Production Energy Usage
Measure & benchmark first event
Reduce where possible if not balance
Set reduction goals for future events


  • Through our sustainability partners, we offer a programme of carbon balancing through tree planting or investment in renewable energies.
  • The tree planting investments are regulated by the UK Woodland Carbon Code and come with carbon offset certificates, and every kWh from renewable energy investments directly replaces fossil-fuel energy generation.
  • If you are spending over £10,000 on balancing we can even offer options for large-scale custom projects. e.g. your own event forest.
  • As well as partnering with ecolibrium, we have links to a number of different accredited partners across the world, and will be able to suggest an appropriate partner for your business and location.
emc3 Balancing

We don’t expect everyone to commit to offsetting their entire event programme; how you choose to balance your carbon emissions is an individual choice for each organisation or business to make. We’ll create a plan tailored to you, your usage and output and your sustainability goals.

Carbon Tracking

Supplier Auditing

We have a wide network of suppliers who are carefully vetted and consistently reviewed to ensure they pass our sustainability criteria.

We are able to assess any existing or potential vendors (including venues) to provide a rating (as a %) of how they meet our standards.

1. Audit suppliers, compile report & calculate scores
2. Work to improve scores for your existing suppliers
3. Set goals for future events with better supplier scores

Strategy & Measurement

Our team will work with you to create tailored strategies and plans to turn your environmental ambitions into actions.

These are used to create and measure your goals, track your events year-on-year, and highlight where further changes can be made.

We can offer plans and trackers in the following areas:

  • Event Sustainability
  • Food & Beverage Sourcing
  • Waste Reduction
  • Travel & Transport
  • Power Consumption
  • Local Community & CSR
emc3 Balancing

Additionally, we can help you create a plan to Achieve ISO20121 status for Sustainable Events.

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