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feedback form


  1. How satisfied were you with the event?
  2. How likely would you be able to recommend our company to a friend?
  3. In five words what was the best part of the event?
  4. Did you have an opportunity to participate and ask questions?
  5. Where did you first hear about the event?
  6. Would you attend again?
  7. How user friendly was the online platform
  8. Which parts of the event were most important to your overall experience?
  9. What is one thing that could be improved to make your experience more positive?
  10. How likely are you to now make an additional purchase because of the event?
  11. Did you feel like the tone of the event was appropriate?
  12. How did the event impact your perception of the company?
  13. Did you create any social media content at the event?
  14. Did you make any new social or business connections as a result of the event?
  15. Did the event make you feel valued as a customer community member?