Client  TCI
Event  Annual Investors Day
Who  500+ Investors from around the world
Where  In-office Studio Broadcast to Virtual Platform – Hopin
Date  16 – 17 June 2021


TCI have always held their annual investors day in-person at a hotel venue, however this year they wanted to take the event global via pivoting to virtual. It was important for TCI to still have a high level of engagement whilst presenting key facts and figures regarding their portfolio in a professional manner. They wanted to utilise their Mayfair-based office space as the hub for all footage whilst also bringing in remote parties to join the conversation.


TCI wanted to create an experience and to deliver content in a virtual format that still delivered the information their clients want in an engaging manner.

It was important for them the platform was simple to use from registration all the way through to delivery and post-event on-demand content.

With a large amount of global speakers contributing to the investors day, infrastructure and IT was paramount to the event being a seamless experience for both the speakers and the audience at home.

The Event

TCI Annual Investors Day featured a host of mainstage event broadcast directly via their office space. We built a branded backdrop and full studio build to ensure the highest level of production value.

With the majority of the event being broadcast to the main stage, it was key that production was of the highest quality and integrated seamlessly into a live broadcast. We had a team made up of sound technicians, lighting technicians, graphic engineers, vMix operators, cameramen and project managers all on board to produce the show.

To engage the chat, the entire investment team hosted a live Q&A in which questions were beamed directly to their iPads to stick with the theme of a professional approach.

What we did differently from a normal live event?

With a typical live event, attendees are used to seeing speakers presenting live on stage, instead TCI were able to broadcast individuals from their own homes as well as in the studio, which not only saves on travel time, but also benefits the environment. TCI wanted the event to remain authentic, therefore most of the content was live, however the utilised one of the main benefits of virtual, which is pre-recording. This meant less reliance on bandwidth and more control over quality.

Some key stats:

  • 533 Total Turnout
  • 24 Main Stage Sessions
  • 24 On-Demand Sessions
  • Speakers from 12 different locations
  • 2 Days
  • 1 In-office studio build
  • 1 On-Demand Site