Why You Should Treat Yourself To a Spa

Spas are undoubtedly leading the movement for holistic health and wellbeing in today’s trends. With the emphasis on keeping a balanced lifestyle, both physically and mentally, people are turning towards the expertise of spas. The advancement of research has helped spas discover new treatments into mindfulness, health, and wellbeing, which goes beyond the typical conception of sipping champagne in a jacuzzi.

As event planners, having a spa day is critical for our mental health, especially since event planning is considered one of the most stressful jobs! In honour of Spa Day, we listed out several benefits on why you should treat yourself to a spa, whether it be a 30-minute sauna session or a week-long spa retreat. 

1. Destress

Spas are first and foremost designed to make you feel relaxed and calm. After a spa treatment, you are guaranteed to feel like you’re walking on clouds. So if you’ve had a stressful day with work, especially during peak seasons for events, it’s time to book your spa treatment! Spas are also great to disconnect momentarily and practice some “me time”. This way you’ll be recharged  and ready to face the event planning commotion. 

2. Improve Your Health with Essential Oils

Most spa treatments involve the relaxing aroma of essential oils. A study revealed that these soothing scents do more than just calm your mind. If you’re immersed with essential oils like bergamot or lavender for an hour, your heart rate and blood pressure decrease. Essential oils also have a de-stressing effect to calm down anxiety and help people sleep better at night. 

Essential oils aren’t limited to spas – try bringing an oil diffuser to your room or office space to ease stress anytime!

3. Eliminate Toxins and Reduce inflammation

Massages have a myriad of benefits that go beyond your scheduled spa appointment! Regular massages are proven to reduce inflammation and increase cell growth in skeletal muscles. Likewise, it increases blood flow throughout the body which eliminates toxins. 

4. Feel Happier

Massage sessions release endorphins and serotonin (the happy hormones), which helps your overall mood and mental state. So it’s a chemically-proven way to feel happier after your massage! This is especially important for event planners that can’t find free time in the day to practice self-care. A quick 30-minute massage can help ease any tensions and boost your mood.

5. Lower Your Blood Pressure

Unwinding in a sauna not only relaxes your mind but helps with your overall health. A Mayo Clinic study reported that saunas help decrease “the risk of vascular diseases such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and neuro-cognitive diseases”. 

7. Ease Muscle Tensions

A relaxing deep-tissue massage helps relieve muscle tensions, which is a great therapy for when you’ve been running around all day at an event. Specialists can target certain muscles that feel tense or stressed and relieve any pain – sign us up please!

8. Feel Inspired

The result of spa treatments guarantees a clear mind and a happier mood, which helps for feeling inspired. Also, getting touched therapeutically can psychologically make you feel more creative after a massage session. So, if you’re struggling with event ideas, the best cure is a spa treatment! Additionally, you can go to a meditation retreat that specializes in boosting creativity and learning new art techniques. The spectacular views in some resorts is enough inspiration in itself, and not to mention a great venue to host events.

There are many health benefits when it comes to a spa, so venture out of the jacuzzi and try a deep-tissue massage or a meditation retreat! If you want to extend the health advantages to guests, try booking a spa-themed event with emc3 at getinspired@emc3.com