You may be asking, what exactly is a company kick-off? Well, a company kick-off, is a meeting you should have with your company and team within the first month of the New Year. Why? Well this article will delve deep into several reasons why you should have a company kick-off in 2019!

Company Kick-Off

The reason to hold an annual company kick-off is to mark special occasions and to pull away from the day-to-day humdrum rhythm of working life. When it comes to working in an office the daily grind can all become a bit of a blur, and sometimes repetitive. Days blend into weeks and weeks into months. But one way to change this is through events, but most importantly a ‘kick-off!

A kick-off meeting can often take place over an hour or a day, depending on how much you have to share and discuss! The main point is to get your employees involved and to get them fired up for the year ahead. Get them excited to be part of your amazing organisation!

Team Kick-Off Meeting

But what do you talk about at a company kick-off? You discuss the coming year, putting any negatives behind you whilst bringing learnings and positives with you into the New Year. This is an exercise you could do with your employees, allowing them to discuss their negatives and positives from the previous year. This discussion brings an end to the year, and allows for a fresh start in the future.

In addition to closing the door to any negativities that the last year may have brought, a company kick-off allows the leadership team to put in place their 3-5 year plan, by relaying the vision they share for the future of the company. In the same breath, the management team need to sell this vision to their employees to get everyone on board for the year ahead.

Team Planning

These meetings will engage your team, make them feel valued and help them see that they are the difference to the growth of the company. They build the team cohesion and momentum, allowing the team members to speak any worries they have, putting them to bed, and allowing them to grow as individuals within your company.

At our most recent company kick-off we did an exercise that allowed employees to open up about their previous mistakes in the past year – they shared how they learnt from them, and because of this it allowed others to learn from them too. By doing activities such as this, you can see the areas that you as the leadership team may need to change, or even better, the area’s that have succeeded!

Team Engagement

So that’s it in a nutshell – company kick-offs can the best use of money for a company, it allows employees to remove themselves from the humdrum of everyday working life. But more importantly it allows them to speak freely about any issues or concerns they have, whilst building a strong cohesive team.

In case you’re still wondering why to hold a kick-off, here are our top reasons:

  • It allows you to learn from the past and move forward.
  • Allows you to create a company future to adhere to.
  • They allow for departmental planning
  • They can be educational for everyone involved.
  • The small games can help build team dynamism.

Now you know the facts, there’s literally nothing holding you back! And do you know what – we may just know a company who can help you with organising it…

written by emc3