Virtual Reality at Events

Have you heard of virtual reality and augmented reality? If so, are you unsure how to apply it to your event or how it can add value? 

First let’s explain the difference. 

Virtual Reality (VR) transports you to a completely new and virtual location and doesn’t rely on the world around you. It requires special equipment such as a headset, gloves, sticks and even digital smell technology. 

Augmented Reality (AR) works through the world around you by adding on another layer through your device, similarly like social media filters and games like Pokémon Go.

We’ve listed four ways that you can bring both VR and AR to your events:

Virtual attendance

It’s not always possible for your delegates to attend an event across the world. VR means that they can attend without physically being there, and still not miss a thing. Therefore, the attendee doesn’t spend extra time travelling away from their busy schedule, family and friends, and the planner gets extra attendees they may not have had otherwise. 


Events don’t always have to be about business and networking, and everyone loves a good game, especially if a prize is involved! 

Both AR and VR add an element of fun to your event, giving your attendees a chance to

relax and bond in a fun environment. Why not create an AR treasure hunt around your venue or have your delegates go head to head with a VR headset game?


Photobooths have been a staple at events for quite some time now, but AR has taken it up a

notch in the past few years. Attendees can change the background, add filters and planners can even make it branded to your event. 

Product features

Sometimes it’s physically impossible to demonstrate a product to your customers at an event or trade show, but AR allows you to show them all the product features with ease and be interactive with it. For example, changing the colour of a product or adding certain features which could lead to extra sales.