A meeting of minds is a beautiful thing. Perhaps you’ve grown a lot as an organisation. Or maybe the industry at large is crying out for an event that only you can headline effectively… Either way, you can’t seem to shake the idea of hosting a conference.more

A conference can be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved, connecting, educating and inspiring those around you. But you need to be in it for the right reasons. If you’re wondering whether to host such an event, read on before you make the leap.

Conference Stephanie Utting

What is a conference, exactly?

It all boils down to collaborative thinking. One person in a room can only rely on their own faculties and instincts for success. Yet a conference typically draws dozens – even thousands – of talented people together. They may be internal (employees, franchisees, stakeholders) or external (opening the doors to anyone with a ticket).

Both types of event have their merits, depending on the size and aims of your business. But overall, a conference is nothing more or less than a shared, communicative pool of individuals who are seeking to learn from one another.


What's so good about that?

It puts your name on the map. Industry professionals can forge new ideas, build on old ones, and establish creative networks. They get to talk, drink and dine under the same pretence – that everything important to them is important to everyone else. As such, incredible partnerships or initiatives can emerge, creating a powerful legacy for your event and, ultimately, brand.

Of course, a common highlight of each delegate’s schedule is the trade talks. From keynote speeches to panel discussions – or even the hallowed launch of a ground-breaking product or service – they are the foundation of any successful conference. A comprehensive event plan has the power to make guests more knowledgeable than when they first stepped onto your venue floor, and generate excitement and demand for the big industry announcements.

There’s nothing quite like talking, face-to-face, with others about projects that have the potential to do magnificent good in the area you’re passionate about. That’s where conferences are a winner: they facilitate all of this, explaining how internal plans are shaping up or asking renowned figures to teach us what they’ve learned.


But tread carefully...

We don’t want you to dive into the deep end without first making sure you know exactly what you want your conference to achieve. These events require a significant investment of time and resources, so make sure you have clear objectives.

So start by going back to basics, and setting smart goals that are:

  • Specific – what is the purpose of the conference?
  • Measurable – how will you define success?
  • Achievable – are your goals realistic?
  • Relevant – does the conference reflect your values, vision and mission?
  • Time-based – what deadlines are you working to?

These are the DNA of a fabulous event, along with ways in which to measure its impact. Over the course of the next few articles, we’ll be helping you develop a roadmap for success if you decide that a conference is in fact the right move for your brand.

We’re firm believers that collaboration inspires innovation – not just atconferences, but also in the running of them. That’s why our team works closely together to plan, design and market your event, so the whole day or weekend is fun, educational, motivational and, above all, memorable. Speak to us to get started.

written by emc3