Sustainability – Why It’s Not Just Environmental

What does sustainability mean to you? Is it recycling? Electric vehicles? Waste reduction? If it’s all that and more, then even better! But don’t be fooled into thinking that sustainability starts and ends with the environment.

We can’t encourage you enough to ensure your events hit the green mark. But to claim you’re working towards full sustainability, you’ll need to focus on improving conditions for people as well as the planet. Here, we explain how… 

The triple bottom line

Allow us to set the scene with the triple bottom line: a positive environmental and social approach that enhances your moral compass and helps to drive financial success. The concept is broken down into ‘three Ps’:


There’s no doubt that successful firms rely on making a mint. But here’s what’s changed from yesteryears: businesses can harness their power to make a positive difference without breaking the bank. In fact, it can indirectly drive profits.


Giving back to the people is like throwing a boomerang. Ensuring fair hiring practices, working conditions and even teaming up with non-profit organisations contributes to a better society to do business in – meaning happier employees, contractors and stakeholders.  


Last but not least: our green and blue planet. Businesses of all sizes now have a huge responsibility to not only reduce waste, emissions and consumption, but also to be the face of positive change. That means using their influence to encourage others.


Social sustainability

The cost-effectiveness of going green is no secret to today’s businesses. But at emc3, we feel equally as strong about the importance of people within sustainability solutions. To dig a little deeper, here are some tips for improving your corporate social responsibility (CSR):

  • Pay attention to your employee demographics, and when hiring ensure this is considered
  • Drive job growth in your region, source talent locally
  • Support local initiatives
  • Match the people you hire with the community you’re in

Wondering what’s in it for you? Creating a desirable workplace that does its part for society will strengthen your client base, deepen the talent pool and motivate your workforce. In a nutshell, everyone’s a winner. 

Legacy initiatives

Past initiatives, such as sustainable events, have left an invaluable legacy for others to learn from and be inspired by. Passing down wisdom like this is key to keeping sustainability boundless, and keeping businesses wise to the crucial social element too.

emc3 puts people at the heart of our sustainability actions, with a CSR account certificate to show for it. Alongside our work with people without homes in host cities, we run an in-house mentoring programme for university students. For every event we organise, we look at how we can make a positive impact on the local community. 

We can’t wait to expand our people-centric initiatives even further, and would love to hear your ideas. Let’s talk about social sustainability and conscious events today.