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As a responsible and sustainable business, we are committed to supporting the social and environmental areas of where we work.

As an event company, working within the hospitality sector, we are aware of our impacts on the environment and certain elements of society.  We want to take responsibility for these impacts and counteract any negative consequences of our work.

We have recognised the following areas as our main focuses. We want to be able to create a lasting and major impact and for that reason, we have focused our work on specific areas. These areas are based on sustainable development goals, which allows there to be a set standard. We have worked with our stakeholders to decide our corporate priorities, and as a company, we will be working toward all 17 goals but will be prioritising the following 3:

Responsible Consumption and Production

Within the events industry, we are aware that there is often a lot of unnecessary waste. We are committed to reducing the amount of waste produced throughout the company and within every aspect of the event process. An example of this, is that we try to hire equipment and furniture for events – to encourage the life cycle of a product.

Good Health and Well-being

With growing numbers of people suffering with their mental health, and the events sphere being a fast-paced environment we have policies in place to help with mental health. We have 2 dedicated, mental health first aiders, all members of staff have free access to therapy sessions, staff are allowed mental-health days- no questions asked. Additionally, we have mindset training twice a year for all staff. We also prioritise physical health, for our USA team we cover medical insurance for them.

Climate Action

Within emc3, we are continuously educating our staff on environmental issues. Staff then have the knowledge and consciousness to have the environment at the forefront of their mind when making decisions for work, but also in personal life. We are also dedicated to measuring the amount of carbon we are emitting for each and every event that we produce, as well as our operating emissions. We recognise that events, and our industry can be large emitters of carbon. Furthermore, sustainability consultancy is now available to every client.

emc3 Climate Action

CSR: responsible consumption and production

CSR: good health and well-being

CSR: climate action

other major priorities include

Gender Equality, Affordable and Clean Energy, Sustainable Cities and Communities.


This policy applies to all branches of the emc3 company. Our supply chains vary on each different event, however we do our best to monitor and ensure that our standards are maintained throughout our varying supply chains.

measurement & reporting

Currently, we have commitments to a minimum of donating to charity at least once a year.
We also implement 1-day per quarter of volunteer work.
Please see below the materiality report. We conducted the matrix on two factors: Importance to Stakeholders against Impact on emc3.

CSR stakeholder choice vs impact on business


Alongside our corporate responsibilities, we also respect and maintain our legal responsibilities. See as follows:

  • Respecting the law.
  • Ensuring all business operations are legitimate.
  • We have a commitment to being open and transparent.

At emc3, we have great pride in our company culture and the way we treat our employees. We are all one big team.

If you have any questions regarding this CSR Policy please get in touch below