Going green isn’t just good for the planet, it’s good for business.

Eco-conscious attendees are a growing demographic, and prioritising green practices and creating events that champion sustainability within aren’t just setting a good example, they’re attracting a lucrative market.

But when the events industry is regularly voted as one of the most wasteful industries—where do you get started?

In this eBook, we’ll guide you through how going green strengthens a company’s bottom line while safeguarding the planet, looking at the business case for sustainability and breaking down each aspect within. Including advice on:

  • Sourcing locally, reducing waste, and impressing attendees with eco-conscious catering.
  • Minimising attendee and staff travel impact with smart planning and alternative options.
  • Ditching the landfill-bound swag and offering impactful, sustainable alternatives for meaningful giveaways.
  • Reducing energy consumption and embracing renewable energy sources for a greener event experience.
  • Alternative solutions for printing requirements and how to leverage eco-friendly methods for essential materials.

With insights and information on how those small consistent changes can have a huge impact, helping to future-proof your business!

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