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Client: LinkedIn

Who: 120 LinkedIn buyers and prospects

Where: Multiple Locations

Event: Social Selling Roadshow

Over 1,000 people in 7 cities over 4 weeks have learned how to better align sales and marketing. NPS trending above 75 for the series. See you in the Autumn!
Head of Sales Solutions
Linkedin, EMEA



The Social Selling Roadshow takes place across 7 locations: Paris, London, Stockholm, Dubai, Dublin, Utrecht & Munich. Our aim was to find venues that were brand fit and would facilitate sales. 


We worked closely with LinkedIn to develop a strategy which utilised compelling customer stories to influence and fast-track future buyer decisions. 

How we added value:

Our extensive global knowledge allowed us to successfully plan and execute roadshows in multiple locations, thus improving the continuity and effectiveness of these events. We continue to have strong, pre-existing relationships with multiple venues in these various global hotspots which give us negotiating powers which other companies simply do not possess.

This is important to us because we are committed to saving our clients time, money and resources. Over the last 6 years we have developed a strong, lasting relationship with LinkedIn, we understand the brand and their requirements and consistently exceed their expectations. We provide full event management services to them which relieves our clients stress.become renowned for.