Our Story

We are a
full service agency.

We know it’s an industry catchphrase.

Perhaps overused; but understated.

For us, “full service agency” refers to our unique methodology comprised of a 6 step cycle.

Discover → Define → Design → Develop → Deliver → Debrief

This cycle is brought to life with our workshop “Event Canvas”: A tool that starts with understanding purpose, internal mission and vision statements, and establishing an agreement across all stakeholders. This is then mapped out into a step-by-step strategy, creative ideation process, reinforced with logistical expertise at every touch point.

The essence of what we do is based on our genuine rapport with people and our perseverance in understanding our clients. This has given emc3 its unique position as true collaborators, visionaries, passionate about understanding the intricacies of events from the ground up, and creating and executing unforgettable experiences where every moment counts.

Company culture

Relationships truly matter for us, and we do business with people we like.

At emc3, we consider ourselves a collective: common beliefs, shared interests, and, most of all, camaraderie.

We aim to cultivate a culture that helps each one of us achieve our personal ambitions and do our best work.

Our recent win of C&IT`s “Best event company” to work for confirmed that.

Our company culture manifesto: We dream big, get shit done, and know how to have fun.

News & Tips

Inside emc3

At emc3 we like to stay ahead of the curve on the latest trends, events and spaces, technology and much more. Take a look at some of our news & tips to find out more!

7th October 2021

How To Ensure Your Suppliers, Attendees And Clients Engage With Sustainable Solutions

7th October 2021

Sustainability – Why It’s Not Just Environmental

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