event name:

Rapid7 AMP2020

event date:

January 2020

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the challenge

Rapid7 wanted to capitalise on the success of their 2016 “Moose Manifesto” and create an experience that would be both grounded in the company’s core values expressive of what’s new and evolving and leave people with such a life-altering experience that they’ll be talking about it years from now.


the solution

We began with a team workshop to understand the client’s needs and ensure that their departments were aligned on the goals and objectives for the event. From here, we helped to determine the best path for success and designed an event strategy and new brand identity for AMP—applying it across all of their marketing material. This included creating an app that hosted 1600+ personalised agendas for each of the attendees, based upon their business unit, department location and learning paths.


Rapid7 wanted to create an event that provided opportunities for both personal and professional success and to develop an environment that fostered and built meaningful connections. This sense of belonging was bought through an environment designed to encourage natural networking, with content that supported this and aligned people on their goals and path to success.

the result

AMP2020 was the first live event that Rapid7 had hosted and went on to win the C&IT Awards Americas 2020 award for Internal Communications Event of the Year. The event was interactive and included unique games such as Customer Land: a life-size board game that was designed to be a re-enactment of the highs and lows of the Rapid7 customer journey—giving each employee a chance to experience the journey first-hand. And MailedIt: where staff were put into teams to work through the challenge of how they would ship a single pringle to a customer and the best packaging options for doing so.