event name:


event date:

25th - 28th of September 2017

event type:


event location:

Boston Convention & Exhibition Centre​

number of atendees:


countries of attendance:


the challenge

To conceive, create, design and implement innovative live experiences using the most advanced technologies readily available in the events industry. This included designing and producing the general session and sourcing talent that represents the event’s message and goals and exceeds the attendee’s expectations.​


the solution

With extensive research of the latest digital and creative developments within the events sector we were able to take INBOUND’s goals and deliver them with precision, including some of the most engaging selection of speakers from around the world. Including Michelle Obama, John Cena, Dr Ed Catmull, Brene Brown, Andy Cohen and Billie Jean King to name a few!​



“THANK YOU for the amazing work, blood, sweat, and tears that you put into this year’s INBOUND​ (although hopefully not too many tears…) We could not pull off an event like we did last week without our strong partnership.” —Cindy Goodrich, VP, Brand & Buzz​​

the result

We’ve been working with Hubspot over the past few years and during that time have helped grow their event from under 14,000, to 21,000. For INBOUND, over 21,000 marketing experts from various industries across the globe attended the event, which was designed to give attendees the things needed to grow themselves, their business and their network. Hubspot provides solutions for people from startups to scale up, and their event provided access to the newest technologies, most popular speakers and latest experiences to give their clients an edge over their competitors.