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event date:

London: 10th of June, Boston: 3rd of September & San Francisco: 18th of November 2019.

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London, Boston and San Francisco

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the challenge

Hypergrowth is the world’s fastest-growing sales and marketing conference and Drift wanted to create a conference with a difference. A conference that would inspire and educate its community with business growth and life lessons. Our challenge was to work together with Drift to bring together these like-minded marketing professionals and produce a ‘show’ in a fun and unique way. Drift specifically stated that they did not want it to be like the ‘usual conference’ and wanted the event to grow year on year across multiple locations. We joined in year 2 of this journey, which had previously been hosted at two locations (Boston and San Fran) and worked with the Drift team to expand their event, with their third year growing to three locations with the introduction of their first-ever event in London.


the solution

Our team used their knowledge and experience to source the best suppliers and talent for this event. We started by sourcing a venue that matched the ‘festival’ and ‘rock concert’ vibe which they were targeting. Then moved on to sourcing content and speakers that reflected their theme consistently. We decided upon engaging and powerful speakers that didn’t just work in marketing but had a powerful story about many aspects of life. As a result of the relationships we’ve built, we were able to maximise the client’s budget and plan the best attendee journey for the venue, managing the flow of attendees arriving on the day. On top of this, our marketing team was invited onsite during the event to create a promotional video that would showcase the conference. 



“Organisation, execution, and results are the three words Drift uses to describe our partnership with emc3. The team delivered a flawless experience and in the process adopted our brand becoming part of our internal team. We could not have been happier with their representation. Looking forward to continuing this relationship in 2019.”—Janna Erickson, Conversational Marketing Lead Events

the result

Over 6,000 sales, marketing, and product professionals came to the event to experience a conference like no other. A strong list of keynote speakers such as Brian Halligan (HubSpot), Ryan Deiss (, Sarah Kennedy (Marketo) and award-winning film producer Jimmy Chin brought the event to life with their inspirational stories. And emc3’s marketing team was there ready to capture it. Working closely with Drift, our marketing team provided valuable creative input to ensure the event was “tweet-worthy” and as part of this, developed an engaging video that captured the audience, with a clear call to action. This video was shared on Drift’s social platforms and was viewed by over 14,000 followers in less than 24 hours. The events finished up with a VIP party which, in Boston, saw the private hire of a yacht so that people in attendance could watch the sunset over the harbour and in San Francisco and London was held at venues with live music so that attendees could fully be submerged into the event’s theme. ​