Mental Health Minute

Our #MentalHealthMinute.

Are you listening? Are you really listening?

As you know, we’re a creative agency, with four separate departments; events, marketing, design and talent management. All with separate clients of their own.

Recently our lovely designers were tasked with an exciting project, this was not only because they got to work with an incredible client (again), but because of the message the campaign shared – something we all feel particularly passionate about – raising awareness for mental health, through the #mentalhealthminute

The Brief

The brief was to develop all visual aspects of the campaign, including a hero video to visualise the mental health minute radio campaign, a twitter emoji (you can see the little radio guy below – isn’t he cute?), gif’s counting down to the big day, as well as social posts showcasing the range of incredible influencers involved.

The Campaign

The campaign features Alesha Dixon, Katy Perry, Jameela Jamil, Stephen Fry and HRH Prince William all coming together to share a strong and powerful message, bringing awareness to the very pertinent issue in today’s society of mental health.

Did you listen to it on the radio? Did you see it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Well don’t worry if not, all you need to do is click play below to see the amazing campaign in action!

The Message

The message of the campaign is to listenreally listen to those around you. And if you are one of those desperate to be heard, the importance of talking out. Being able to talk about how you’re feeling is essential for keeping mentally fit & healthy.

Were you listening? Were you really listening?

Help us to keep this campaign going for our lovely clients at The Royal Foundation, but also for everyone out there who might think they won’t be heard.

As a company, we are particularly passionate about this cause, working in events has been ranked as one of the 5thmost stressful jobs for over 3 years – and we can see exactly why. With this in mind we’ve created a mental health policy aimed at ensuring our team understand that we get it.

We know what stresses the job can bring, and we’re here to support them. So much so we have even trained several of our employees to be Mental Health First Aiders, which means they are now able to recognise the main signs and symptoms of ill mental health, as well as being able to provide initial help whilst guiding the individuals to the appropriate professional services.

20 million people listened to the campaign at 10:59am on Monday 13th May 2019 across 300 radio stations. The visual aspects of the campaign were shared and liked more than 10,000 times across Twitter.

It was an incredible campaign, and we’re so pleased we were able to play a part in it!