International Women’s Day

March 8 marks International Women’s Day where we raise awareness for gender inequality and celebrate women’s incredible achievements. The theme for this year is #EachforEqual, which aims to highlight gender equality in the workplace, media, politics, society and more. 

Celebrating International Women’s Day is important to highlight prevalent issues in society and recognise current practices that are contributing to female empowerment. Here at emc3, we implement gender equality policies through our company culture.

For example, we have a flexible work schedule to allow employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which is important in the event-planning industry! We also have a wonderful workforce made up of 65% females, with women in key roles that help push emc3 to greater heights. 

As an advocate for women’s empowerment and celebrating #IWD2020, we compiled a few ideas on how you can celebrate at your workplace. 

Use Gift Bags Featuring Boss Women

Thinking of handing out gift bags to your office? Try compiling a list of items made by female-owned businesses. Not only do you help support these boss women, you alsoencourage your team to strive for innovation and creativity, whether that’s in the workplace or in their personal lives.

Host an IWD themed lunch

Invite inspiring women who are industry-leaders to speak about their career journey. This is a great way to learn about industry insights and the experiences of powerful women navigating their careers. You can also highlight your own team and facilitate Q&As about their career experiences and achievements in the office.

Donate to a Local Women’s Refuge 

Support a women’s refuge that helps protect and empower women from difficult situations. In the UK, Refuge is a shelter to protect women and children from domestic abuse. For International Women’s Day, you can help support the shelter by purchasing a parcel, which ranges from an emergency kit for £10.00 to a child support parcel for £100.00. You can even organise fundraisers around the office to help raise money for donations and increase awareness of these prevalent issues. 

Facilitate a Conversation for Diversity
& Inclusion 

Conduct a feedback session on improving your company’s policies and practices for diversity and inclusion. This helps invite new ways to improve the company, which will help create a better workplace for everyone. Policies like flexible work schedules and maternity and family leave allow your staff to practice a healthy work-life balance, while programs encouraging diversity help build a more creative and innovative workforce. Creating a comfortable work environment encourages people to work to their full potential without building stress.

Attend Local IWD Events

There is a myriad of events happening around the city that highlights women’s achievements throughout history. Organise an after-work gathering and visit one of these events as a team:

There is no shortage of events and ideas to celebrate International Women’s Day. As a workplace, it is important to highlight female empowerment and raise awareness on major issues on gender inequality that still exist in society. Even though we celebrate it on one day, it is still an ongoing fight to help create gender equality and achieve #EachForEqual. Need help planning an IWD event? Contact for more ideas!