Stephanie Utting, Account Director of emc3 discusses the importance of learning to grow from mistakes.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

Success is the most enjoyable experience, but failure is the most important experience. Without small failings, true success just isn’t an option, as it leaves no room to adapt and grow. Let’s be honest, being perfect all the time is just not realistic, although we come pretty damn close! If anything, those that make mistakes and learn from them usually end up progressing further than those that don’t. That’s because mistakes usually come from trying new methods, pushing the boundaries and adapting to new challenges. When a mistake arises, it can become a blessing in disguise if you respond to it quickly and learn from it.

Growth & Development Culture

Our company culture places a heavy emphasis on growth and development. It’s important for us as a company to show to our colleagues and our friends, that we are all human and that we all make mistakes.

Reflective of the saying “A problem shared is a problem halved” – we’ve adopted the saying “A mistake that’s shared, isn’t a mistake at all, it’s a lesson for all”.  At emc3, we’re advocates of sharing mistakes to avoid the same issues being repeated further down the line.

Earlier this year at our company kick–off, we had a series of breakouts which focused around our team sharing their most embarrassing mistakes since working at emc3. This showed our employees, old and new, that mistakes have made our team the success they are today. If you don’t make mistakes, then you can’t grow, learn and improve. Mistakes make you better at your job. After all, if we’re afraid to make mistakes, then we will never challenge ourselves to become the ground breakers and innovators that we all strive to be.

Transform Can't To Can

Company culture is a big part of emc3, so we felt it was important that everyone could see we’re all the same. By opening up and sharing your mistakes, it allows us to find a solution together. We call this failing smart. Identifying the issue and implementing a way to fix it so that yourself and others don’t make the same mistake again. It’s not about the individual, but the team as a whole. The majority of our internal processes have all evolved due to small mistakes along the way, this is how we’re now so finely tuned and efficient.

Mistakes To Success

I’ve always found, through my own mistakes, that I will instantly feel the error is a lot less awful if I talk about it. Being open and accountable are key. It’s important to remember the great things you’ve accomplished and how they outweigh your mistakes. This is the true measure of your capabilities and performance. So, by sharing your mistakes, which may seem like the scariest thing to do at the time, you can grow and become better at your job because of it.

Next time you make a mistake, I would say, take a deep breath, relax, and remember – nobody died!

Take a Deep Breath

Be honest and tell your manager, try and come up with a solution to prove you can turn errors into opportunities, and then let the wider team learn from it. This doesn’t just apply to new members of the team either, no matter how far you get up the ladder, there are always going to be surprises that pop-up.

I’m proud of my team for how they overcome stresses and failures. Sometimes these failures are out of their control, and this is something you must learn quickly in the events industry. It’s integral to success – use them to become a better version of you!

Illusions of Success

Honda’s founder, Sochiro Honda once said: ‘Success is 99% failure.’ In other words, failure forms success.

At emc3, we’re known as The Experience Architects– which means not only do we produce events and experiences every day, we also learn from our mistakes. We push boundaries to become more innovative, efficient and creative. We’re experienced in crafting unforgettable experiences and we’ve grown to ensure our customers experience is an exceptional one.

written by emc3