How to Keep your Attendees Engaged

Share Ideas and Build a Community

Guests are looking for a more valuable experience besides networking, tasting food trends, or watching a guest speaker. Attendees will be more engaged in an event if they are encouraged to share ideas and meet like-minded people that allow them to form a community. Include experiential marketing tactics throughout the event such as hosting competitions and social media campaigns. You can also create a Facebook group that allows guests to continue the conversation after the event and continue to share ideas. 

Connect Attendees Through a Mobile App

Use event apps to engage your attendees by networking with other guests or interacting with event vendors. You can ask guests to set up a profile on the app with their contact information so that it’s easier to share contacts with another guest! You can also use interactive games in the event where guests are awarded points every time they are checked in.

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

People pay more attention when they are comfortable. It’s important that you design and layout your event, so your guests are at ease! Consider the needs of your guests such as the use of laptops and tables, or age range. Try an open space seating arrangement with easy chairs or sofas so customers don’t have to worry about back problems. 

Respond to Live Tweets

Using an event hashtag allows engagement for your attendees during the event. You can monitor the hashtag to gain feedback from guests. If you receive negative feedback on social media, you can respond promptly and quickly act upon it.  This way, your guest can feel valued and appreciate the fast customer service. It also helps to promote the hashtag so that it will be a trending topic in the local area.

Use RFID tech 

Having radio-frequency identification (RFID) speeds up your event logistics, which allows attendees to focus on the fun. It can be used during entry, payments, and even photobooths! Make your events cashless by using phone or RFID technology so it makes spending easier for your guests. Likewise, you can have RFID-enabled photo booths that allow attendees to easily send their pictures through their email or barcode scans. This is a great souvenir for your guests to share on social media and promote your event. 

Record Live Stream Videos

Engage your attendees by showcasing behind the scenes videos on the event preparation or short interviews with keynote speakers. This will create pre-event engagement as well as excitement during the event. You can use Facebook live or Instagram stories to increase your event’s social media presence and promote your event hashtag. 

Use Interactive Feedback Polls

Attendee feedback is important to improve your event for the next time you host it. Encouraging feedback can be a little difficult through mobile apps or the standard pen and paper since guests will have little motivation to do so. But using an interactive poll or feedback adds a fun and engaging aspect. Using 3D polls asking guests to rank their happiness with the event is
eye-catching and surely attracts the attendee to interact with the poll. 

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