How To Choose Your Next Event Agency

General Experience

The first and obvious factor to look at when selecting agencies is their overall general experience. Do lots of research on the types of events the agency organises and ask them about their niche. If they specialise in wedding planning, they might not be the right choice for your company conference. Likewise, if they excel in the tech sector, then they may have expert industry insights to help you with your event. Always relate the agency’s experience to your needs and type of event.


The best event agencies have qualified staff and years of experience in the field. At emc3, we have over 20 years of experience planning and delivering events! The staff at an agency should also have professional (and educational) background in event management, design, or marketing to ensure they deliver high-quality services.

Services Offered

Make sure you know about the relevant services the agency provides and that they can handle your requirements. You can benefit from bundle deals or free offers! emc3 has a free venue-finding service to help you get started on your event planning. This way, you can leverage different skills of the agency such as marketing or design to help boost your event.

Free Inclusions

Establish your agency’s fees upfront so you are aware of all the expenditures. Make sure there are no hidden fees! Check for travel expenses, commissions, and third-party costs. Keep on top of your payment deadlines and forms of payment.


The best way to see how good an event agency performs is to check their client testimonials. Look through their past events posted on their website or social media. Experienced event agencies will have a myriad of clients, some including big names! This proves the level of professionalism and experience the event agency has. If you can’t seem to find any, don’t be afraid to ask the agency for past examples related to the type of event you want to hold.

Staff Working on the Event

Keep tabs on all your contacts within the organisation! Know who will be your day-to-day contact and who the event team will be to help onsite. Most agencies will provide you with an account manager who will work closely with you and help you sort out all the event logistics.

Insurance and Safety

Most often overlooked is the insurance and safety policies of event agencies. Most organisations should have their own event planning liability insurance (check this!) and that suppliers are properly insured.

Overall Branding and Vibe

A great event planning agency will have a strong brand that represents their company and people. Look through their social media and arrange a few meetings to get an idea on the “vibe” of the agency.

Our last tip would be: Trust your instincts. You will be working with your chosen agency for the duration of the event, if not even years – make sure you like who you are working with.

Good luck with your search!