Event Décor Trends For 2019

Colour Reflection Décor

Colour reflection is a simple yet impactful design to instantly add life and vibrancy to events. It explores different styles and abstracts to challenge the imagination. The décor can be assembled to symbolise the brand or emote a feeling to excite the attendees. It can be constructed to be a hanging decoration or a photo opportunity for your guests – it’s a definite eye-catcher.

Anamorphic Gates

With the help of design, you can have an amazing event entrance that alters the perception of reality. These two-dimensional shapes are hovering weightlessly and at a certain angle resembling a specific shape or design, but step slightly out to your right or left then the whole design falls into chaos. Your guests will surely enjoy walking to your event in this striking entrance.

Printed & Projected Entrance

Previously seen as a cinematic installation in multiple art exhibitions, this is the type of storytelling event-opening that will get people talking. The blurry video projected onto white entrance curtains can act as a prelude to the event. Stepping inside, the attendee will be waiting to see how the story develops. A great Instagram moment, this entrance can be simply used as a branding piece.

Bring the outdoors in

When it comes to event design, replacing traditional stage design with abstract natural environments has been an on-going trend for the last few years. From forests, through gardens, suspended flowers, covered pools and finally, to beaches and snow, the list only goes on. It seems that every year the transformations get bigger and more real.

Originating in the museum environment, these naturalistic installations have moved through retail and catwalks, and are now slowly but surely are making their way into conferences and the corporate world. Google, Amazon and Facebook’s offices are expanding their indoor gardens every year.

Which trend are you most likely to take on for your next event?