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Welcome to emc3tv!

This new feature hosts some of the biggest and best speakers from around the world. Every fortnight we’re going to be interviewing the change makers and rule breakers who are redefining their industry and talking to them about the topics that really matter.

We’re speaking to activists, business leaders, psychologists, leadership experts, sports stars, musicians and many more.
emc3 is in the business of making every moment count so we’d like to give you exclusive access to the these incredible speakers online and on demand whenever you want.
Check out the names below, click and enjoy!

David Cancel

The people's CEO: Culture and Diversity with David Cancel

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Brock McGillis

Courage comes in many forms: A conversation with Brock McGillis

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Neil Thompson

Building Communities: A Conversation with Neil Thompson, Founder of The Delegate Wranglers.

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