emc3’s guide to Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our lovely American clients – we hope you have the most wonderful day with friends and family!

In case you are new to this Thanksgiving stuff, then we’ve pulled together the ultimate Thanksgiving checklist to make sure your day goes off just like in the movies…

A Turkey that could feed 5,000

Is it even Thanksgiving, if you aren’t eating Turkey for days afterwards? 

Many Varieties of Pie (The More the Better)

So many people to feed, so many different favourite pies! To help you decide which pie to make, we thought we’d list America’s favourite pies: Read more!

  1. Apple – 20%
  2. Strawberry – 19% 
  3. Pumpkin – 16%
  4. Cherry- 13%
  5. Blueberry – 9%
  6. Pecan -8%
  7. Lemon Meringue – 8%
  8. Chocolate – 5%
  9. Chess – 2%

Food Coma’s Galore

Its ok, you deserve it – it’s difficult eating and drinking that much! 

Drunk Family Members

Is the day even complete if someone hasn’t drank too much and made a fool of themselves?

3 NFL Games

It’s tradition to have the football on in the background, but who are you routing to win? 

A Great Day

We may joke, but Thanksgiving is a great day to spend with your family and loved ones. Have a wonderful day, enjoy yourself, but most importantly drink and be merry! 

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at emc3 – gobble gobble.