Double Win at MiaList Awards

Each year The Meetings Industry Association hosts the miaList awards: a prestigious awards ceremony dedicated to celebrating excellence within the events industry.

Taking time to look through the annual achievements of both company teams and individuals, the MiaList recognises people for their outstanding contributions to their clients and fellow team members, in addition to the wider industry.

This year the awards were celebrating their 10th anniversary—and it turns out they weren’t the only ones with cause to celebrate, as we were lucky enough to be nominated for not one, but two of the miaList’s incredible awards:

  • Team Of The Year
  • Individual recognition for our very own Josh King’s pivotal role in the success of the business. 

As part of the selection process, our team was invited to pitch face-to-face in front of a renowned judging panel, where two members of the team were selected to talk about why they felt we deserved Team Of The Year.

Aiming to get to the bottom of what makes the team great, the judges asked a torrent of challenging questions, and once the pitch was complete, our fate was left in the hands of the judges to decide…

Before we knew it November was here, and so were the awards. So with an open mind (and a glass full of prosecco) we donned our posh frocks and headed over to the miaList awards ceremony to discover our fate.

To begin with, we had doubts, not because of our team, they’re great, but when you walk in and discover you’re on one of the back tables, it doesn’t look promising!

The first category was dedicated to Individual Recognition. One by one the winners were called up to collect their prize, as we watched on tentatively, and as the announcer(?) called out the ninth winner, we applauded as we heard the name of our very own Josh King!

As Josh went up to collect his prize, we celebrated his and the team’s achievement, a huge moment after 18 of the most challenging months in the company and the event industry’s history.

With barely a moment to take it in, the Team Of The Year Award category was called out. We sat there nervously.

This was it.

The big award.

The one that celebrates teams across marketing, sales and events.

Due to the collaborative way in which we work, the whole team had been nominated. We felt that this was the best representation of the support for one another, recognising that no one area of the business would function without the other. We are all essential.

We sat waiting as the announcements came in. The nominations for team after team were called, and as the winner was called… There was no mention of emc3.

We were heartbroken. But we knew we still had an amazing team regardless, and so we gave each other a consolatory smile and turned the conversation to what round of drinks we should have to commiserate our loss. 

But just as we were finalising orders, the words “We have one final award to give” echoed across the room. Our attention was piqued, as was everyone else’s, with all eyes focussed on the stage.

The words that followed next talked about how this award was dedicated to the one team that had shone above the rest, so much so that they deserved a category of their own.

“This year the judges thought one team in particular really stood out for their determination, collaboration and drive to survive. Not only did this team drop to 60% salary to save all jobs, they went and found new business to do more than just survive. It was the whole company working as one team, with all teams presented as one collaboration to make their business really succeed—truly the best team!” 

We listened on before the words “and the winner is… The emc3 Team!” echoed across the room!

We had won! And our commiseration drinks were immediately renamed celebratory drinks.

These past two years have been incredibly tough, not just for us, but for the entire industry. And this win was a credit to the hard work, creativity and dedication that the team had put into making sure that emc3 didn’t just survive, but that we all thrived.

An incredible achievement for every single member of the team!

To check out the full roll of winners, read the miaList’s roll of honour: