Company kick offs

In the 3rd Annual 2019 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, 94% of employees said they would stay at their company longer if their employer invested in their career. A company kick off is the perfect opportunity to invest in your team.

But first you need to identify the objective of your company kick off by understanding what you want to achieve from it. 

There are typically four types of company kick offs; Celebration, motivation, provocation & information. 


Celebrate the successes in your business and the rising stars that helped achieve it, as well as business acquirements and targets hit.


An opportunity to motivate your team to break boundaries, learn new problem-solving techniques and be results driven. 


This is a chance to challenge and inspire your employees and make them feel valued. It’s also an opportunity to teach them new strategy and development skills and make them question what they can do to be different. 


Do you have a big company update, a new strategy or client? This is your time to gather the company and ensure they are all on the same page with your company mission and vision.   

Once you have established the theme of your company kick off, you will be able to plan the best activities around it that will ultimately transfer the correct content messaging to your employees.

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