Company Culture: Love what you do and who you work with

Since joining emc3 at the beginning of January, I’ve had some incredible experiences! emc3 are a hard hardworking, creative team that put in the hours to produce amazing results for their clients. They believe “a strong company culture is the heart and soul of a successful organization”. I didn’t quite understand how you could apply this into practice, but I can see with all our internal activities and nice touches…it’s not all work, no play! 

emc3 know how to have fun and they believe that in doing so, a positive and hardworking environment is created. Since joining, I have had the opportunity to take part in an array of fun activities in the office and have so far been pleasantly surprised… some of these activities have included:

Competitive Company Bake Off

The rivalries in the BBC hit TV series simply do not measure up to those that have emerged in the emc3 office due to this fiercely fought competition! Of course, ours is with an emc3 twist- each theme is based around an event or our company.

Dress up Friday’s

We all like to look a little bit glam for the weekend don’t we? 

That is why we like to make our Friday’s a bit different. Sometimes it’s Bling Friday’s on other occasions it’s Double Denim Disasters, you just don’t know what you will see when you enter our Notting Hill office on a Friday! 

Friday Lunches

Subsidised by management for the team’s hard work throughout the week, this is a real hit! It is also a nice time for the entire team to get together and talk about their projects and personal lives. This also works as a time for reflection, we highlight our ‘peak and trough’ of the week which always gets good laughs.

Friday Drinks/Beer Pong Competition

Is there any better way to wind down after a long week? Our conference table turns into a ping pong table by 5pm on Fridays!

Tree planting

The eco warriors of emc3 will be visiting the Woodland Trust at Heartwood Forest at the end of this month to plant trees to help off-set their carbon footprints!

Charity events

We know it’s massively important to give back. For this reason, in March, the team have volunteered to participate in a charity Breakfast challenge at The White Chapel Mission to raise money for the homeless. 

Summer Trip

Every year we embark on a family trip for some quality team bonding! We have gone to Centre Parcs in the past and this year we are looking to do something equally entertaining! So it’s something for the whole team to look forward to.

The emc3 Lip Sync Battle

Approaching early March. Who will come out on top? 

Stay tuned to find out!