Client  Rapid 7
Who 2,000 Rapid 7 employees
Where  Virtual Platform – SineWave & Zoom
Event Amp 2021


AMP was a live event for the first time in 2020. The brand was created and people really engaged with the concept and the event, it was the first time that the whole company had come together and people really enjoyed it and the company started making progress post event. The social elements of the event were really well attended.

Due to the pandemic, this was not going to be a possibility. We needed to find a way to bring the company together and get them talking about the new initiatives.


Bring the entire company together to realign on the core values.

Announce the new company initiatives.

Deliver internal and external content to engage and motivate the entire company.

The event

A one week onboarding into the platform for all staff, allowing them to create their own avatars and get to grips with the platform.

A fully bespoke virtual world, created from scratch.

4 day show with a mixture of general session, networking, breakouts and discussions.

Allowing the attendees the chance to ask questions, network and learn more about the initiatives within the company.

Breakout sessions for each department, allowing them to focus on relevant topics and updates.

The chance for online social events, where attendees could meet people from other regions and offices to get to know the wider team.

What we did differently from a normal live event?

We essentially created a virtual world from scratch, taking in parts of each of the Rapid 7 offices, from furniture and textures, down to music and artwork into the online realm.

The event segments were shorter and more succinct so they could be easily consumed from home.

There was a relay for those in APAC after every day, so they could consume the content at a sociable hour. There were also opportunities for them to engage with the leadership team.

“The emc3 team worked tirelessly on our January event to create an experience that was exciting and engaging for all attendees across the world. It was such a shame that we couldn’t get the whole company together for our annual event this year, but with the help of emc3 we were able to bring the team together to deliver fantastic content and engaging discussions.”