Client  GitLab
Event  Peak Performance SKO 2021
Who  800 Internal GitLab team members across the globe over 4 days 
Where  Virtual Production – Hopin
Date  8 -11 February 2021


As we enter 2021, we are still trying to navigate a world where large in-person events are still not allowed and social distancing is enforced. For companies looking to welcome employees back after the holiday season and gear up for the new year, Company Kick-offs events take on a new look and feel being virtual. The challenge for this event was to offer engaging activities while facilitating meaningful connections between co-workers that were joining the event from all over the globe. 

The event

GitLab’s Peak Performance SKO event was structured with opening and closing activities and presenting important company messaging through sessions and breakouts over the course of 4-days. The mornings kicked off with 3 activity stages featuring a live DJ session with DJ Graffiti, pre-recorded cooking and mixology lessons with Chef Chris and yoga and meditation classes to put you in the right frame of mind for the day. At the end of each day, a live activity was available for employees to have some fun and learn more about their fellow colleagues. The Trivia game put participants in randomized teams and had everyone working together through multiple rounds of questions to see who came out on top. Our at home scavenger hunt invited attendees to source different items throughout their homes and share stories behind these household treasures. And lastly, was music bingo, which left everyone singing along to guess the tune and complete their bingo cards. 

During the event, attendees were invited to visit both the virtual photo and caricaturist booth. The photo booth was equipped with funky backgrounds and custom virtual stickers for attendees to snap and share their photos on social media. At the end of the conference, all photos were put into a mosaic as a 2021 SKO keepsake which was shared with everyone after the event. In the caricaturist booth, attendees could submit a headshot to be transformed by one of our artists into a cartoon masterpiece.   

What we did differently from a normal live event?

With many platforms available, having experience with Hopin was a great advantage for this event. Knowing how to best utilize the platform and what areas would work best for the activities ensured the attendee experience would be easy and enjoyable. For the morning sessions, having the cooking and yoga classes pre-recorded made for simpler execution and allowed us to show each class multiple times throughout the week. Having pre-recorded content meant stricter and earlier deadlines for deliverables and ensuring all content was ready to go for the scheduled streaming time. The live DJ sessions and afternoon activities were a great way to break up with content and allow for real time engagement to recreate some of those moments would have at a live event.

What we did that was the same?

Our supplier relationships continued to be a priority to ensure all content and deadline dates were met. Incorporating GitLab’s event logo on all cooking and yoga classes helped to connect the activities to the overall event branding and make the videos more personal. DJ Graffiti was also equipped with custom backgrounds that were on brand and had access to the Hopin chat to engage with attendees directly.