Client  Drift
Event  RevGrowth – Account Based Engagement
Who  5,000 Marketing and Sales Professionals
Where  Virtual Production on Goldcast
Date  April 6th, 2021


While 2020 is in the past, virtual events are here to stay as we slowly progress to world of in-person events. To kick off Q1 of 2021, the team at Drift were planning their first RevGrowth of the year and looking to make changes to their event platform. With a list of platform must-haves focusing on clean design, attendee engagement and smooth content delivery, while also differentiating themselves from the rest of the virtual events being advertised, finding a new home for the RevGrowth series was the biggest challenge. Working with a new platform start-up, Goldcast, Drift put on a great first RevGrowth of 2021. 


New platforms have been popping up since virtual events skyrocketed in the middle of 2020. But what makes them different and special? Working closely with the Goldcast team, we learned the insand-outs of the user-friendly platform to upload content, create a sleek design, engage with attendees through polls and provide booths for both sponsors and Drift internal certifications.

The Event

Focused on Account Based Engagement, this RevGrowth event brought together marketers and salespeople to take a deep dive and learn how to unify sales and marketing around a common goal: revenue. The agenda not only included presentations from Drift’s CMO, Tricia Gellman and CPO, Leo Tenenblat, but had keynote appearances by Omar Johnson, founder of ØPUS United, former CMO of Beats by Dre and VP of Marketing at Apple, and Musa Tariq, CMO at GoFundMe, for a full day of great content.

The solution

What makes Drift’s events unique, starts with the registration process. Directly on their site and with the help from their bot, Drift bots easily integrate with Goldcast through Marketo for an easy and seamless registration process. Once you receive your confirmation email from the Goldcast platform, you can access the event immediately and add not only the full agenda to your calendar, but you can also add individual sessions depending on which content is more important you.  

Another key feature of the Goldcast platform is the ability to upload and stream pre-recorded content from a main stage. Pre-recorded videos are preferred in some cases to live video to avoid any troubles with the live stream and allow for edits to be made in pre-production to deliver top quality final content.  

As a newer platform on the market, Goldcast has taken the feedback from other platforms to create a platform that encompasses the features desired from both an admin and attendee point of view.