Agency Implants

“We’ve had 2 agency contractors from emc3 working with us over the
last 12-months and it has been an invaluable resource for our team.”
Janna Erickson, Director of Events, Drift.

We’ve learned a thing or two from producing world-class events for brands including LinkedIn, HubSpot and Drift over the last two decades.

And we love sharing our knowledge with brands who want to push boundaries and deliver remarkable events.

Our agency implants are the best in the business and will work within your team, delivering multiple projects to the highest standard at any given time.

They will work as an extension of your team, immersing themselves in your mission, vision and values and they will have the knowledge, experience and support of the emc3 team behind them.

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Why choose to onboard an emc3 implant rather than hire in-house?

 All of our implants have award-winning experience dealing with leading brands and varied stakeholders.

 They have experience delivering experiential events, roadshows, launches, exhibitions, communications campaigns and digital events.

 They will work as an extension of your team within your office or remotely.

 Our implants have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and understand how to make the tough tasks seem like fun!

 They are exceptionally detail orientated, organised and efficient.

 They have experience building relationships with other departments, colleagues and agencies.

 Our implants create accurate and timely reports as well as briefs for internal teams or agencies.

 They have a proven ability to manage significant budgets.

 Our implants are creative, flexible, and adaptable to new challenges.

 They can present budgets, documents, and creative concepts with confidence to key stakeholders.

 They understand how to work across a range of software packages including Word, Excel Adobe and PowerPoint.

 They have a deep understanding of the latest and greatest event technology to enable your business to make the best buying decisions.

 Our implants are intelligent motivated team players with a commitment to quality and professionalism.

How can we help you?

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