5 Simple Post-Event Engagement Tactics You Need To Use

1. Send Personalised Thank You Emails

The simplest yet effective method for engagement is sending individual emails to your attendees. After all, they took time out of their day to attend your event, so you should show your appreciation for them!

2. Encourage Conversation on Social Media

Get people talking about your event through social media posts by posting videos, photos, and articles from the day. Present every amazing detail and get people talking about it through the comments section. You can easily track conversation using a hashtag to keep the event on their minds. Make sure to promote the event to the attendees and the people who didn’t attend to show them what they missed out on!

3. Fill out post-event survey

An easy way to gauge customer satisfaction is to send out a post- event survey and ask for feedback about the event such as “What did you enjoy about the event?” or “Did you encounter any issues during the event? If so, did a team member assist you?” This way you can gain feedback and continue a conversation, but also use the feedback to create an even better event next year!

4. Extend event-only offers

If you offered a product discount during the event, then continue to promote it for 24 hours to attendees only. Likewise, if you did a product launch or charity event, make sure to showcase your results and prompt attendees to purchase or donate. This makes sure that you continue your sales goals and keep the event on your attendees’ minds.

5. Have your sales or events team personally follow-up

Don’t forget to contact your leads! Assign your sales or customer teams to send a personal email or message on social media and input their details in your customer management database. This is highly important as you can build and foster relationships with the clients. But don’t sound too salesy as you want to deliver value and information to your client.

This will keep your attendees engaged, giving them no reason to not attend again next year!