5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Any Event Planner

Christmas is coming! No, but seriously, it’s less than a month away now – ahhh! 

There is no need for panic buying, just yet. If you have a loved one who works in the events industry, and you are unsure of what to get them for Christmas, then look no further – we’ve been around the office asking our events team themselves, what they would most appreciate as a gift:

1. Travel Cup

Who else can’t survive without their morning coffee? Well imagine if you’d been working on an event until the early hours of the morning and then you’re alarm goes off at 6am to start all over again – you need that coffee fix to get through the day! There are so many lovely coffee cups out there, but our favourite has to be the ‘KeepCup’ they come in so many variations and colours – plus you can sleep well knowing you are doing your bit for the environment, with KeepCup users avoiding over 5 million disposable cups daily!

2. Spa Hamper / Spa Day Vouchers

And relax! That’s all you want to do if you’ve been working nonstop for days on end – why not treat your loved event planner to a spa at home, or if you’d like to push the boat out this Christmas, why not treat them to a spa weekend away (you might even be able to go too, winner winner!)

3. Charging Phone Case

This is every event planners dream invention! This phone case keeps your phone charging whilst you are on the go – keeping you connected to all the important things you need to know, whether that be the latest celebrity gossip or important client emails. 

4. Universal Travel Adapter

This is essential for survival (in this modern world) – imagine if you were unable to charge your phone, or use your straightens all because the travel adapter didn’t fit or work!

5. Sleep Spray

Who wouldn’t want their pillow smelling of relaxing lavender or chamomile? A sleep spray infused with a heavenly scent can help make a person calm, allowing them to slump into a deep slumber. This can help them not only get over jet lag, but can also make sure they get a good night sleep so they are awake and fresh for the event ahead!

TIP: If you want to add the personal touch, there are many recipes online to make your own sleep spray at home.

Now all that’s left to do, is to have a wonderful day with all your friends and family!