15 Ideas For Brand Activation

Brand Activation is a term used to increase awareness and engagement of a brand through a form of a marketing experience. Think of it as a way to awaken your brand in the customer’s head by “activating” it. This approach can be used for new brands or a rebranding strategy. It differs from brand marketing as it is a one-time activity of getting your brand from one state to another, whereas brand marketing is the ongoing process of promoting your brand.

There are numerous channels to select from to “activate” a brand. We’ve listed down 15 creative, unique ideas for brand activation that will surely leave an impact on your consumer’s mind.

1. Interactive Walkway

This can be used as a dynamic display to showcase your brand. You can use it for following certain movements or to create a visual on the floor.

2. Mosaic walls

A fun brain-teaser for your customers to form your brand’s logo or product. It’s also a great way to create interaction with other people to work together to solve the puzzle. For a fun twist, add a timer to complete the mosaic and gift a prize to the winner!

3. Social Media Vending Machines

This is a great way to get attendees involved and to publicise your event through social media. Place prices of interest into the vending machine, with the only way to win by tweeting the relevant event hashtag. It’s a win-win situation! Your customers earn a token of your band and you gain increased social media conversations.

4. Bespoke Air Floats

An extravagant aerial show performance featuring your brand’s design and logo is an unforgettable way to activate your brand. These air floats are remote controlled and can scope the whole venue, making sure everyone gets a clear view of the float!

5. Ice Cream Rolls

A new and innovative way to serve ice cream, this use of brand activation has been used by the likes of IBM, Google and Rolls Royce for large events.The ice cream tubs can be branded as well as the mobile carts, and even a new flavour can be created for your event!

6. Digital Graffiti Wall

Attendees can step up and create their own digital masterpiece on the ‘Electronic Graffiti Wall’ using the latest in electronic spray cans, brushes and marker pens. They can create new artwork, change current pictures or even ‘improve’ the look of their friends and colleagues! Attendees can even take their own photo, upload it onto the wall and allow you to edit it with add on features.

7. Photobooth and Videobooth

Videobooths and photobooths are a great way to entertain audiences. It allows them to have fun with those they are attending with, whilst being able to take away with them a tangible memory of the event. Print outs can also be branded with the event logo.

8. Thought Bubbles

Thoughts bubble are great for brand promotion, bringing people together and gaining guest insight. They can be branded, interacted with or be written on. It’s also a great photo opportunity for your guests!

9. Interactive 3D Artwork

Attendees can use interactive 3D art for hilarious photo opportunities either alone or with friends. The artwork can also be on brand, allowing attendees to interact even further with the event.

10. Interactive LED Drummers

A mesmerising theatre show that combines high impact drumming with kaleidoscopic lighting design. The ethereal, playful characters use captivating and dramatic music to interact with the crowd and lead spectators on a spellbinding journey; culminating in a climax of light, sound, smoke and movement.

You could also consider placing glow sticks and glowing neon wearables underneath seats, and when guests are told to take them out during the performance they also become part of the show.

11. Fog Projection Screen

Project images and videos onto a wall of dry fog and walk right through them. Perfect for entrances and driving engagement with your brand.

12. Xylobands

You’ve probably seen this colourful showcase in one of Coldplay’s performances, proving that it’s an eye-catching and unforgettable tactic for brand activation! These LED light bands can be programmed in time with a musical performance or display your brand’s logo or colours. Xylobands are not limited to wristbands as they can be used as lanyards, inflatable balls, or drink glasses.

13. Acrobatics – Swaying Poles

This is a breathtaking acrobatic sway pole show, which is unrivalled. These talented performers have earned universal acclaim for their daring stunts on sky-scraping sway poles, completely free of wires and safety means. They can bend their sway poles to a perilous 40-degree angle. They also feature an unbelievable and risky mid-air sway pole exchange, where all members of this high-flying group of acrobats can exchange sway poles in mid-air. This is an extravagant way to encourage conversation among customers and generate social media presence or PR!

14. Heliosphere Aerial Show

Spiraling, spinning and seemingly weightless, the balloon drifts above streets and rooftops whilst an acrobat is suspended beneath. The Heliosphere is a show performed to music which is both aerobatic and interactive which creates the illusion of flying. This is the perfect way to grab your customer’s attention and get them talking endlessly about your brand activation!

15. Bubble Magician

Having a bubbleologist perform at your event is a truly unique type of entertainment, one that most guests will have never even heard of let alone seen before. Guaranteed to amaze both adults and children alike, it creates a truly magical atmosphere.

If you’d like to create unforgettable brand activation activities for your next event, get in touch with us and we’ll help make it happen!